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Modifying SFP optics with RaspberryPI

Intructions were on blog http://eoinpk.blogspot.fi/

I didn't have Cisco Twingig module on my hands, so I stripped open old residential gateway with sfp uplink. I stripped out the sfp slot metal casing with side cutters. Connector visible, it was fairly easy to look where pins were connected.

I used ground plane for 0v. The 3.3v connection was made by soldering two pins together, and soldering wire there. Data and clock lines where soldered on resistor pads, after removing small smd resistors with soldering iron and a little force. After soldering wires, I checked the pcb for other traces leaving from connector, and cut them with sharp knife. There was traces on both side the board. Then a little hot glue over the soldered spots preventing pads get loose from board.